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Through passionate voices and provocative viewpoints, The Trial Lawyer encourages the generation and exchange of ideas through open dialogue among the finest trial lawyers in America.

A Magazine for Trial Lawyers & a Voice for Justice

Through passionate voices and provocative viewpoints, The Trial Lawyer encourages the generation and exchange of ideas through open dialogue among the finest trial lawyers in America.

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Voter Turnout Soared In 2020 Thanks To Flexible Options

By Steven Rosenfeld In the 2020 presidential election, 66 million Americans voted with a mailed-out ballot after most states loosened restrictions on qualifications to vote by mail to make voting safer in the pandemic. Another 36 million people voted in person at an early voting site before Election Day after many states expanded this option. […]

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The Democrats’ “Killer App” Against Voter Suppression Unveiled

By Thom Hartmann With all their new “voter suppression” laws in the states, Republicans are working to keep and improve a corrupt system that’s put them in power and keeps them in power, despite only representing a minority of Americans nationwide. That’s why they’re trying to change our election law with little tweaks like making […]

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Right-Wing Extremism Networks Are Growing, US Just Catching Up

By Sebastian Rotella During the past two years, U.S. counterterrorism officials held meetings with their European counterparts to discuss an emerging threat: right-wing terror groups becoming increasingly global in their reach. American neo-Nazis were traveling to train and fight with militias in the Ukraine. There were suspected links between U.S. extremists and the Russian Imperial […]

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Republicans Are Following Trump Down A Dark Path

By Farron Cousins Donald Trump famously told his followers during the 2016 election that there would be “so much winning” that they would get tired of winning. Five years later and that promise has aged like milk. Regardless of what he says, Donald Trump lost the 2020 presidential election, fair and square. The Republican Party […]

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No Tears For Liz Cheney – She Helped Create The Trump Monster

By Chauncey DeVega It is a compulsion. It may be an addiction. Whatever the cause, it reeks of desperation. Every day the problem is getting worse. The American news media is obsessed with Liz Cheney. The hope peddlers and other happy pill-sellers have anointed the Wyoming congresswoman, along with Sen. Mitt Romney of Utah, as […]

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Bill Barr Is The Master Of Covering Up Political Scandals

By Thom Hartmann Hartmann George HW Bush and Ronald Reagan were facing the possibility of treason charges. Who did they call? Bill Barr. That was in the ’80s and early ’90s, but now we discover the Bill Barr really, truly, definitely also lied to America about presidential treason this decade. Shocking. Mueller laid out 10 […]

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Biden’s Drug Policies Are A Small Step In The Right Direction

By Phillip Smith, Drug Reporter On April 1, the Biden administration gave us the first big hint of what its drug policy will look like with the release of the congressionally mandated “Statement of Drug Policy Priorities for Year One.” The result is a definite mixed bag, with the statement not only focusing on a […]

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Pesticide Linked To Brain Damage In Children May Finally Be Banned

By Reynard Loki A federal appeals court has ruled that unless the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) can prove that the pesticide chlorpyrifos is safe, it must be banned. The chemical, which has been widely used on agricultural crops for more than 50 years, has been linked to neurological development issues in children, with mounting evidence […]

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Making Forced Arbitration of Investment Disputes Fair and Equitable

You could be the solution by becoming an arbitrator, adding to your practice without even having to look for new clients. By Michael Bixby Trial by jury is essential. It’s “a privilege of the highest and most beneficial nature,” the guardian “of public and private liberty.”[1] But where the defendant is a financial advisor accused […]

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