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Hali Marsocci
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Hali Marsocci

Romano Law Group
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About Hali Marsocci

1. What was the first job you had?
My first job was as a file clerk at a law firm when I was in the 8th grade. The law firm had given out an award called the “Make A Difference” award, that I won. All of the recipients were invited to a luncheon and my father insisted that I ask the firm owner for a summer job, which I did. That insistence by my father created the foundation for the rest of my career.
2. What’s your proudest moment as a trial lawyer?
My proudest moment as a trial lawyer to date is being part of the team that helped changed the law in Utah. We handled a TBI case there for a young boy. At the time of filing the lawsuit, Utah did not recognize a claim for loss of filial consortium but we included the claim in our Complaint regardless. It was dismissed. We took the issue to the Supreme Court of the State of Utah. The Utah Supreme Court agreed with our position and adopted a cause of action for loss of filial consortium allowing parents to recover for loss of filial consortium due to tortious injury to a minor child.
3. I attribute my success to….
Hard work, compassion, and civility. Nothing in this life comes easy and you must put in the work and effort to be successful, in anything and everything that you do.
4. What is your most notable verdict or settlement?
I would consider my most notable settlement to be the one reached for my clients who were plaintiffs in the FIU Pedestrian Bridge Collapse case. This event was a true human tragedy that should have never occurred. Being a part of this case has been a true honor.
5. What is your fantasy job?
I have two jobs: mom and attorney. They are my dream jobs. I can’t imagine doing anything else. I work for the most amazing and supportive firm, where I get to fight for justice for each and every one of my clients daily. I then go home to the most amazing children.
6. What is your guilty pleasure?
It’s a toss up between sour candy and sweet tea. I can’t go a day without either!
7. What do you like to do in your time off?
Any time off is time spent with my family. We enjoy being outside and on the water.
8. What’s your favorite hobby?
9. What’s one word that describes you?
10. What keeps you awake at night?
I worry about the world that my children are growing up in and the challenges they will have to face as they get older.
11. What newspaper do you generally read daily?
Daily Business Review.
12. What advice would you give a young attorney?
Being a young attorney myself, I would advise attorneys younger than me, and those just starting practice, to stick with it and don’t give up. The work we do is so important and it can sometimes be overwhelming but you have to continue to push and fight for your clients.
13. How do you relax?
Playing with my kids is the most relaxing part of my day. We like to go on walks and bike rides, and visit the park. However, the point of my day where I feel most relaxed is story time before bed. The innocence of a child seems to take away the rest of the day’s worries.
14. What’s your most embarrassing moment in life?
The moment that takes the cake is something that happened a few years ago. During a busy day at the office, I was working and texting (not recommended). I was in two separate chats, one with my husband and one with a referral attorney. I mistakenly sent a “kissing face” emoji to the referral attorney instead of my husband. Thankfully, he was understanding and we were able to laugh it off. But, it was beyond embarrassing!
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