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Trump Returns to the White House as he Continues Treatment
Trump Returns to the White House as he Continues Treatment

President Donald Trump left Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday to return to the White House, where he will continue to be treated for the coronavirus even as he looks to restart his reelection campaign.

Trump, dressed in a dark suit and blue tie and wearing what appeared to be a surgical face mask, tapped a handrail as he descended the steps on his own outside the hospital. He took no questions from the gaggle of reporters waiting for him, but said “thank you very much” as he walked by. He then stepped into a black SUV, which drove him to his helicopter, Marine One.

As he entered the White House through the South Portico, Trump turned to watch Marine One fly off. As he did, he appeared to remove his mask and put in the outer pocket of his suit jacket. He saluted the chopper and eventually entered the residence, without putting his mask back on.

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