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News.Law with free daily legal news now available!
News.Law with free daily legal news now available!

news.lawBusy lawyers looking for legal news have a new, free place to turn to get the latest updates, developments and analysis: News.Law. Created and curated by experienced attorney-journalist Larry Bodine, News.Law is a quick, easy way to get the legal news lawyers need now. The website is designed to give attorneys all of the current legal news that matters to them, for free, in one glance.

News.Law also offers the security and reliability of a centralized news source where attorneys can find information either through the website, or from e-newsletters. It’s designed to provide information to busy attorneys who don’t have time to search through several sources of legal news.

The News.Law website is designed to help attorneys find news about specific areas of the law, such as Big Law, Civil Plaintiff, Consumer Law, Criminal Law and Political and Legislative. Unlike other legal news organizations that require users to pay for subscriptions, News.Law is completely free of charge.

News.Law is owned and operated by Legal Brands, Inc., a vertically-focused legal management company that focuses on two areas: consumer legal brands and law firm services brands.

“You’ll see engaging legal news stories first on News.Law, often before other national news outlets find them,” said attorney and journalist Larry Bodine, editor in chief of News.Law. “News.Law provides relief for busy attorneys, so you don't have to search multiple sources of legal news. And you’ll never hit a paywall.”

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