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3rd Circuit Denies 'Outrageously Excessive' Attorney's Fees
3rd Circuit Denies 'Outrageously Excessive' Attorney's Fees

In Clemens v. New York Central Mutual fire insurance company , the judge cut $900,000 in attorney's fees to zero. The Pisanchyn Law Firm appealed, but the U.S. Third Circuit Court of Appeals affirmed. Actually, it was worse than that. The panel called the fees "grossly excessive." The lawyers billed 562 hours to prepare for a one-week trial. 

It really bothered the appeals court that the firm didn't keep contemporaneous time records, and instead recreated them. "Astonishingly, counsel then attempted to recover attorney's fees in the amount of $27,090 for the 64.5 hours it supposedly took to reconstruct the time records,"

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