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Campaign Initiated to Improve Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life
Campaign Initiated to Improve Cancer Patients’ Quality of Life

In January 2017, the attorneys at Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. – an Alabama-based law firm with over 25 years of experience in toxic tort cases – initiated the Kindness Campaign. The program was created as a small attempt to improve cancer patients’ quality of life by encouraging people to offer a gift basket to someone struggling with this devastating disease. Within the last two months, hundreds of people from all across the U.S. have joined the Kindness Campaign, which is still ongoing.

Over 1.5 million Americans are diagnosed with a form of cancer every year and for the majority of them, the news is life-changing. Struggling with a malignant disease is both physically and emotionally exhausting. In addition to the distressing symptoms caused by cancer, patients also experience a series of side-effects as a result of chemotherapy and radiotherapy, which are sometimes so severe that they are unable to perform common daily activities such as cleaning up their house, taking care of their children or shopping for groceries. The situation is even more tragic for people who do not benefit from a strong support system, as they have no one to help them throughout their battle. The ultimate goal of the Kindness Campaign is to provide as many cancer patients as possible with fresh food, useful items and emotional support which will hopefully alleviate some of their suffering at least temporarily.

The idea behind the program sponsored by Environmental Litigation Group, P.C. is very simple and accessible to anyone who would like to participate: a gift basket filled with fresh fruits, raw vegetables or other practical items such as skin care products, blankets or tea is personally delivered to a patient at a nearby hospital or cancer treatment center. Cooked meals are also highly encouraged, as a lot of people suffering from cancer are no longer able to prepare their own food and have no one who can help them in this respect.

As of now, over 300 participants have offered a gift basket to a cancer patient and their acts of kindness were received with genuine surprise and appreciation every time. However, most people seemed to be more impressed with the attention and support they received rather than with the present itself, which means that the Kindness Campaign’s mission of making cancer patients smile has been successfully achieved. “I decided to deliver my basket to a woman I know who does not have many family members around. She was so appreciative. I not only gave her a physical gift, but an emotional one too. Sometimes your time is the gift that is wanted most”, writers a participant in the campaign.

National Trial Lawyers member Gregory Cade is an attorney at the Environmental Litigation Group.

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