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Wyoming Supreme Court to Hear Fracking Lawsuit
Wyoming Supreme Court to Hear Fracking Lawsuit; November 3, 2013

Cheyenne, WY: A lawsuit filed by environmentalists regarding the risks of fracking contamination is set to be heard by the Wyoming Supreme Court in November. The lawsuit was filed due to concerns about hydraulic fracking and possible contamination due to the chemicals that are used during the process. Critics of fracking argue that it has been linked to instances of water contamination and illness in people.

he Wyoming lawsuit was filed by environmental groups to force the state and Halliburton Energy Services to make public the list of chemicals used in hydraulic fracturing, according to The Associated Press (10/17/13). The defendants, meanwhile, claim the chemicals they use in the process fall under protected trade secrets and do not have to be publicly listed. In a previous ruling on the issue, a district court judge found in favor of the defendants.

While some states are fighting to protect energy companies, some municipalities have banned fracking due to concerns about health and environmental risks. According to the New York Times (10/24/13), bans against hydraulic fracturing are popping up across the country, but even those bans face legal challenges. One town, Dryden, New York, faces a lawsuit from energy companies alleging the municipalities do not have the right to impose fracking bans. Although a lower court found in favor of the town, the Court of Appeals has agreed to hear the lawsuit.

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