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Nexium Double Whammy
Nexium Double Whammy; October 21, 2013

Oklahoma City, OK: Steve says that Nexium caused a “double whammy”: he suffered a broken rib and was hospitalized for low magnesium levels. “The manufacturer should have been advertising Nexium side effects, especially Nexium fracture risk, instead of promoting it for acid reflux,” Steve says.

“I had been taking Nexium for about four years for the treatment of acid reflux and it worked. Then the night of Sunday, August 8, I was lying in bed watching a pro football game. I wasn’t doing anything - I didn’t even cough, move or turn - and my rib just cracked, I heard it pop. I couldn’t believe it!”

There isn’t much you can do for a cracked rib. Steve saw his doctor and was prescribed pain pills. “For about a month it hurt when I breathed,” he says. “My doctor was just as flummoxed as me. I started to feel better, but in October, I wound up in ER with chest pains; it was a pain to the right of my heart. I had a bunch of tests, from EKG to ABC but nothing looked untoward. At first these doctors thought I was feeding them a line or maybe I just had indigestion. But my heart doctor figured out it was low magnesium, one of the side effects of Nexium. And it causes localized muscle pain.”

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