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Apple Sued over iPhone iOS7 Upgrade
Apple Sued over iPhone iOS7 Upgrade

Yahoo! News; October 21, 2013

Proving that new design has the ability to polarize people, a California man is taking Apple to court over its iOS7 iPhone and iPad operating system.

Mark Menacher has filed a small-claims complaint against Apple's CEO Tim Cook in the Superior Court of California in San Diego because he wants iOS7 removed from all of his family's compatible devices.

His biggest gripe is that the update was automatic, and that there is now no way of reverting back to iOS6.

"Apple's disregard for customer preferences in relation to iOS7 is corporate thuggery," Menacher said in a statement published by Cnet. "Steve Jobs was reportedly rough on company employees in pursuit of happy customers, but Tim Cook apparently cultivates a culture of contempt for customer satisfaction in pursuit of corporate profits. It is a policy that will eventually fail."

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