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Unum Named Second-Worst Insurance Company in US
Unum Named Second-Worst Insurance Company in US; September 8, 2013

Chattanooga, TN: It may come as no surprise to some people who deal with companies like Unum that Unum is listed as the second-worst insurance company in the US. Unum lawsuits, alleging the company engages in bad faith insurance practices regarding Unum disability claims, have been filed against the company. In 2012, the American Association for Justice (AAJ) included Unum on its list of 10 worst insurance companies.

In the report, “The Ten Worst Insurance Companies In America,” the AAJ lists Unum second, behind Allstate and ahead of AIG, State Farm and other insurance companies. In its write-up of Unum, the AAJ notes that the company “has long had a reputation for unfairly denying and delaying claims. Unum’s claims-handling abuses have consistently been the subject of regulator and media investigations.”

Among allegations against Unum are that the company told employees to deny claims to meet cost-savings goals. In California, according to the AAJ, approximately one in four claims for long-term care insurance was denied, resulting in an investigation by the California Department of Insurance. That investigation reportedly uncovered widespread fraud committed by Unum, including violations of state insurance regulations, use of phony medical reports to deny or underpay claims and investigations that were biased.

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