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Paint Makers Seek to Quash Lead Hazard Ruling
Paint Makers Seek to Quash Lead Hazard Ruling

News Inferno; September 23, 2013

Paint makers are fighting against a court ruling mandating them to spend up to $2.5 billion to remove lead paint from hundreds of thousands of homes in the state of California.

Paint makers have long succeeded in skirting litigation that blames them for health problems in people who have suffered health problems associated with lead exposure from paint, according to The Wall Street Journal. Since 1978, lead has been banned from residential paint in the United States. Lawsuits have failed in a number of states including Rhode Island, Missouri, Illinois, New Jersey, and Wisconsin, typically because plaintiffs were unable to prove lead to be a public nuisance, the legal standard that requires proof that the lead-containing item interferes with public health and safety.

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