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Big Trial Coming for Diabetes Drug Byetta
Big Trial Coming for Diabetes Drug Byetta; September 23, 2013

Los Angeles, CA: More than seven million prescriptions have been written in the US for a diabetes drug called Byetta, and this coming November, all eyes will focus on a California court case that alleges that its use triggered acute pancreatitis in five individuals and led to the death of two others.

The outcome of the trial will, no doubt, have important implications for the hundreds of other similar cases awaiting adjudication.

First approved for use in 2005 as an effective way to control glucose (blood sugar) levels in Type 2 diabetes patients in combination with diet and exercise, Byetta has been linked to acute pancreatitis, as well as pancreatic cancer, thyroid cancer and kidney failure.

In 2007, the FDA issued its first warning about Byetta. The federal watchdog advised that there had been a number of cases of acute pancreatitis observed in diabetes patients using Byetta.

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