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Perfect Privacy? In Internet Communication, that Doesn’t Exist
Perfect Privacy? In Internet Communication, that Doesn’t Exist

NBC News; August 27, 2013

Your communications are private — mostly. Your next-door neighbor can't hear you send an angry email or a saucy text, and even talking on a cellphone is more secure than using the century-old tech in a landline telephone. But when it comes to keeping a lid on the details of your communication — who you communicate with, and when and how you do it — perfect privacy just isn't attainable.

In the wake of the NSA spying scandal, and the subsequent closure of two notable "secure" email services, even privacy experts seem to have given up.

"Our computing and communications infrastructure is fragile," Seth Schoen, the Electronic Frontier Foundation's senior staff technologist, told NBC News. "And people who want to spy on us have made it their business to understand the vulnerabilities and to figure out how to exploit them."

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