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Increased Transparency on Drug Trials Sought
Increased Transparency on Drug Trials Sought

News Inferno; July 1, 2013

In the face of kickbacks and other debacles and given the relationships that have been formed between researchers and drug makers, transparency in medicine is being sought.

Peter Doshi, a Johns Hopkins University postdoctoral fellow has been instrumental in getting industry to release records on some of the world’s most popular medications, according to a recent The New York Times exposé. Doshi, collaborating with other researchers and activists, is working to release and publicize information on clinical trials. Today, information from clinical trials in not fully released. Although some information may be published in medical journals, in many cases, the researchers who are involved have financial ties to the companies that are making the drugs being tested, according to the Times.

It was Doshi’s work that prompted GlaxoSmithKline to announce that it would share the details from every global clinical trial it has conducted since 2000. Although the data has not yet been released, it comprises over 1,000 clinical trials and 90 drugs, the Times wrote. The European Medicines Agency (EMA), which oversees drug approvals for the European Union (EU), is working on a policy in which trial data would be made public upon drug approval.

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