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“File a Yasmin Claim, Just in Case”
“File a Yasmin Claim, Just in Case”; July 28, 2013

It never occurred to Mary until some time later that an “incident” at work was in fact a mini-stroke. And it never occurred to her that Yasmin was the cause. It never even crossed her doctor’s mind that Yasmin was associated with stroke, but as soon as her ob-gyn found out, she told Mary to stop taking it - immediately.

Mary (not her real name) will never forget what happened on April 3. “I was at work and felt a wave wash over me,” she explains. “I closed my eyes and shook my head, and then when I opened my eyes, I had double vision and I was leaning to one side.” The sensation worsened. Fortunately, Mary knew what to do (she works in health care) and help was close by.

“I called my regular doctor and asked him what to do,” Mary says. “One of my staff members drove me to his office where I had all the usual tests, including blood work. He thought that I might have had a micro-stroke and referred me to an eye doctor.” As soon as she got home, Mary curled up on the couch and fell asleep, exhausted.

The eye doctor concurred with Mary’s physician, that indeed she’d had a micro-stroke. “He told me it would probably take from six to eight weeks to resolve and sent me on my way,” says Mary. “Still no one asked me about any meds I was taking. I never thought of telling anyone about Yasmin.”

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