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Straight-A Student Loses Legal Fight to Walk At High School Graduation
Straight-A Student Loses Legal Fight to Walk At High School Graduation

ABC News; June 3, 2013

A straight-A student at the top of her class has lost her legal battle to walk at her high school graduation after she was barred from the ceremony because she was allegedly drinking alcohol at her prom.

Lauren Green, 18, of McKinney, Texas, filed a lawsuit against the McKinney Independent School District, alleging that school administrators sent her and a group of her friends home from the prom for reportedly drinking before the event.

As a result, she and her friends have to attend a disciplinary alternative school for no more than 30 days, forcing her to miss walking the stage at graduation to receive her diploma this coming Friday.

According to court documents, Green alleges that she was "never addressed individually [by administrators], nor ever afforded an opportunity to take a breathalyzer" at the prom on May 11 to prove that she had not been drinking.

Collin County District Court Judge Mark Rusch dismissed Green's lawsuit at a hearing on Friday to determine whether or not she should be removed from alternative school and transferred back to McKinney High's main campus, which would allow her to walk at graduation.

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