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Apple e-book trial: 5 things to watch for
Apple e-book trial: 5 things to watch for

Washington Post; June 3, 2013

Apple’s showdown with the Justice Department on alleged price-fixing of e-books begins Monday morning, in a case closely watched across media and entertainment industries grappling with their transitions to digital businesses.

It is rare for a Justice antitrust suit to go to court; the five major publishing houses that were sued along with Apple have all settled with the government. The government’s suit, filed one year ago, has not significantly altered prices of e-books for consumers so far. But analysts say the case is significant because it shows federal officials are stepping up their patrol of the largely unregulated digital economy.

As opening arguments take place in the no-technology Manhattan courtroom of the U.S. District Court, here are five key things to watch from the first day of trial:

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