Got Pregnant to Delay Trial? No, You Didn't Just Say That

Paul T. Reid was not the pregnant lawyer in the courtroom, but he definitely left a hearing in an uncomfortable pregnant moment. He had objected to a continuance requested by opposing counsel, who said she needed time off for her pregnancy. She asked for eight weeks, and the judge the judge gave it to her.

But it sounded to some like the BigLaw partner accused the small-firm attorney of using her pregnancy to delay trial. He did NOT just say that, did he?

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California Supreme Court’s Clarification of De Minimis Doctrine Leaves Many Questions Unanswered – and Does Little to Ease Plaintiffs’ Path to Class Certification

The California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited opinion in Troester v. Starbucks Corporation, ostensibly clarifying the application of the widely adopted de minimis doctrine to California’s wage-hour laws. But while the Court rejected the application of the de minimis rule under the facts presented to it, the Court did not reject the doctrine outright. Instead, it left many questions unanswered.

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NTL member Bryan Neiderhiser named president of Western PA Trial Lawyers Association

The Law firm of Marcus & Mack is pleased to announce that National Trial Lawyers member Bryan S. Neiderhiser has been named president of the Western Pennsylvania Trial Lawyers Association (WPTLA).  WPTLA strives to be a voice for injured victims and to uphold and defend their rights under the American legal system, including trial by jury.

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Lawsuit Over Fractured IVC Filter Cleared to Proceed to Trial

The U.S. District Judge overseeing all federal Bard IVC filter lawsuits has cleared the way for the next bellwether case to go before a jury in September, indicating that claims for negligent design, negligence per se, strict liability design defect, loss of consortium and punitive damages in a claim filed by Lisa and Mark Hyde can proceed to trial.

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Sierra Club Is Quickly Becoming Biggest Threat To Trump’s Obama-Era Reg Rollbacks

The Sierra Club inundated the agency with waves upon waves of public records requests into the whereabouts and communication Oklahoma Republican Scott Pruitt had with energy companies when he ran the EPA. They eventually sued the Trump administration when the agency failed to fork over records fast enough.

The group shared the documents with reporters from The Washington Post and others who then published stories about Pruitt’s spending habits — he was forced to step down in June as the reports took effect. 

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Video: Comey's concern about Trump's attacks on the FBI

James ComeyJames Comey, the FBI director fired by President Trump in 2017, says he's concerned about Trump's unrelenting attacks on the agency. Comey says Trump's attacks on the FBI and the Department of Justice are undermining confidence in the agencies. Comey made the comments in June to The Atlantic at the 2018 Aspen Ideas Festival. The former FBI director says Trump's criticisms are eroding trust in the Justice Department, which are built on the foundations of nonpartisanship and accountability.

California victim of revenge porn awarded $5 million by jury

The 35-year-old victim alleged that Andre Pompey, who worked in surveillance, secretly recorded her having sex with him, and then posted screenshots of the sex video on Facebook.

Pompey allegedly wanted to humiliate and shame her to get revenge for not wanting to spend time with him. He tagged the sex photos with the victim’s name so that her hundreds of Facebook friends could identify her.

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Arizona jury awards $8 million to doctor wrongfully blamed for death

Dr. Arnaldo Trabucco sued Jeffrey A. Cogan, his law firm and the family of the patient who died, Gerald Scharf.

Earlier, Cogan had unsuccessfully sued the doctor for malpractice. In response, the doctor sought damages for harm to his reputation, loss of earnings, emotional distress and defense costs. The board-certified urologist had never committed malpractice over his 28-year career.

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Jury awards girl $45 million, blames Los Angeles County social workers for abuse

A Los Angeles jury has awarded $45 million to a girl who endured sexual abuse at the hands of her mother and four men at a home where she was placed by the county despite evidence she was being molested.

The girl, now 15, said in a lawsuit against Los Angeles County that social workers had reasonable suspicions she was being abused, but they failed to inform authorities.

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Lawsuit filed in fatal duck boat sinking seeks $100 million

A lawsuit seeking $100 million in damages has been filed against the owners and operators a duck boat that sank last week on a Missouri lake, killing 17 people.

Police are trying to determine a motive after they said a man fatally shot four family members at two locations, including his father and stepfather inside a Texas nursing home before killing himself there too.

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9,100 Taxotere Lawsuits Proceed in Federal Litigation

More than 9,100 Taxotere lawsuits are consolidated in the Eastern District of Louisiana. There are also state court proceedings pending in California, Illinois, New Jersey, and Delaware, though most of these have been removed to federal court. 

Taxotere lawsuit plaintiffs claim alopecia associated with docetaxel is far more likely to be permanent compared to equally effective alternative medications.

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Jury awards $11 million to Indiana widow, children in death of ironworker killed on the job

A Chicago jury awarded $11 million to the family of an Indiana ironworker killed at a construction project on Jan. 30, 2015.

Joel Ogiego, 45, of Portage, Indiana, died when he was crushed by equipment hoisted using a tower crane. 

The equipment weighed several thousand pounds more than the tower crane’s rated-capacity, so the crane was unable to lift up when Mr. Ogiego was first pinned by the load.

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Georgia Hospital Hit With $2.6M+ Verdict for Patient's Debilitating Fall From Wheelchair

Jurors Wednesday awarded more than $2.66 million to a Georgia woman for the debilitating leg injury she suffered in a fall from a hospital's wheelchair. 

Carolyn Byrom claims she broke her leg when she fell while trying to leave a wheelchair at Douglas Hospital in 2013, according to court documents.

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Litigation Growing in Byetta, Januvia, and Victoza Pancreatic Cancer MDL

Roopal Luhana Jul 17, 2018 In December 2017, a federal appeals court reinstated nearly 700 type 2 diabetes medication lawsuits that had previously been dismissed, allowing the cases to move forward because of new evidence that supported the plaintiffs’ claims. The plaintiffs claim that medications like Byetta, Januvia, and Victoza lead to serious injuries, including pancreatic cancer.

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Port of Seattle not required to pay entire $40M verdict to worker injured during wreck of luggage vehicle

OLYMPIA, Wash. (Legal Newsline) – Washington’s Supreme Court has decided the Port of Seattle is not liable for three-quarters of a $40 million verdict in favor of a worker seriously injured in a baggage cart wreck.

Brandon Apela Afoa was injured during one of his shifts as a baggage handler at the Seattle Tacoma International airport.

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